Indoor Munro Bagging

Clare Parks, Faculty Quality Officer for Design and Technology, got in touch with us to share her story:


“I have a brother who has climbed all the Munros in Scotland. I am more of a fair-weather, indoor leisure seeker myself and I have found a way to match my brother’s achievements, inside. You can set a cross-trainer (at least the ones in Aberdeen Sports Village) to do a distance climb. So, when I go to the gym I set the cross trainer to do a distance climb using the Scottish Munro heights.

I started at the lowest setting and am working my way up to my ultimate goal, Ben Nevis. I am recording the heights, times, calories burned and level of resistance as I go. I take a picture of the Munro with me so it gives me a sense that I am doing the real thing. This is a great way to keep motivated; it’s good for me physically and mentally.

Since August this year I have knocked off 43 Munros. I would encourage everyone to stay active, in their own way.”


Photo courtesy of the Munro society


This is such a great way to keep active but not to face the harsh Scottish weather! Do any of you do similar things – or do you prefer to feel the wind on your face?

At the Fit for the Future Fayre in September the ‘Bag a Modern Munro’ Challenge was launched – this is similar in that it imitates the distance of bagging a Munro, but uses stair climbing rather than a cross trainer. More information on the Modern Munro challenge will follow in future editions of the blog.

RGu Fit for the Future Fayre_280-(ZF-0437-22839-1-101)

Launching the Modern Munro Challenge at the Fit for the Future Fayre



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