Keeping Fit in the Winter

Its cold, its dark, the weather is usually miserable – I don’t know about you, but I find it quite hard to keep motivated to exercise in the winter.


However, its incredible how much better even a small amount of exercise can make you feel. Exercise decreases stress hormones, and increases the release of endorphins, raising our mood. Of course there is the added bonus of working off all the Christmas food! This is as well as all the other benefits of regular exercise – lowering blood pressure, and helping prevent heart disease and diabetes, to name but a few.

Why wait till the new year to make a resolution – get ahead of the game and join the gym now to take advantage of exercise classes as well as the equipment. If you’re short of inspiration, have a look at the NHS website, which has some great exercises for those starting out – and these can be done in the comfort of your own home, too.

If you prefer to exercise outdoors, its important to take the conditions into account. Try to keep to well lit areas, and though its tempting to listen to music, avoid this if you can – you can be vulnerable if you can’t hear whats going on around you. Wear reflective clothing too so that you are clearly visible. If its icy – don’t risk it, a day’s exercise is not worth an injury.


If you’re out running in the dark, choose a well lit area

You’ll find your mood lifted and your motivation greater – exercise is addictive!


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