After many of us have over indulged over the festive season, January is traditionally a month of detox. This takes many forms, and seems gym memberships and diet plans rocket!


One way of detoxing, whilst raising money for a good cause, is to take part in Cancer Research’s Dryathlon

The concept is simple – one month, alcohol free. You can take part as an individual, or get together with some friends who will help you through the month. Not only will you feel better for it, and lose weight, you’ll be raising money for Cancer Research – so you can feel even better about yourself!


  • You’ll feel more energetic, so not only will you get more done, those extra pounds put on over Christmas should be easier to lose
  • Sleep better, or even snore less
  • Cutting out alcohol for a month will seriously help your weight loss
  • Eat more healthily and increase your activity to get the maximum benefit
  • Make small changes that fit into your everyday life so it’s easier to stick with long term.
  • You’ll save yourself cash
  • You’ll feel a sense of achievement
  • A month alcohol free will give you a fresh approach to alcohol consumption – breaking habits on a long term basis.
  • The extra energy you have will give you more time and motivation to start new activities. Now’s the time, from taking that yoga class to writing your first novel.


Alcohol is clearly linked with the risk of cancer – long term drinkers and those who regularly consume alcohol have been shown to have a higher risk of developing cancer. Taking part in the Dryathlon will help you change your approach to alcohol and whilst you may not become teetotal following it, you should have a healthier attitude towards alcohol consumption.

When you take into account the new drink drive laws, cutting alcohol consumption down (or out altogether) makes even more sense. Not only are you risking your and other road users’ health if you’ve been drinking, you risk a 20 year criminal record

We’d love to hear from anyone – both staff and students – who are taking part in the event this year. Is it your first time, or are you a regular participant? What is your motivation? How do you feel it benefits you? Please let us know your experiences as you progress through the month, or comment below


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