RGU Go Green’s Veg Bag Co-operative returns on 13th January!

You can purchase local healthy organic produce right here at RGU.


The RGU Veg Bag Co-operative was started under the Student Association’s Go Green initiative which aims to encourage sustainable behaviour and reduce the carbon footprint on campus. All of our produce comes from Lembas Organics, less than ten miles from the campus.  By buying local organic vegetables you can reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting your food, reduce waste from packaging, and your money goes straight to the farmer who produced the food, rather than a large supermarket chain.

Bags are delivered once a fortnight at the cost of £6 (plus a £2 deposit for your jute bag) and need to be ordered a week in advance, beginning with orders by the end of 13th January for collection (from the Student Union on University Street) on 21st January. If you would like to get a hold of your own bag of veggie delights then you can order in person at the students union office, email or get in touch through our Facebook group .

As the scheme is run as a co-operative, the whole cost goes towards buying vegetables and we do not make a profit. This means we rely on wonderful volunteers to help pack the bags for a reduced price of £4. Please get in touch (contact as above) if you’d like to get involved!


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