Dan Ditches Drink for Dryathlon – Week 2

Dan Diack, web/clerical assistant at RGU, tells us how he’s getting on with his Dryathlong  Challenge for January. See how he fared in week one here .



I’m now half way through my Dryathlon, time certainly flies when you’re sober! This week I’ve continued my health kick and covered a fair few miles by walking, running and playing five-a-side football.


I walked to and from work every day last week, a total of 10 miles, and went for lunchtime walks, another five miles.


Keen to do more when I got in from work, I also decided that I would start my running again. This week I ran three times during the week which clocked up another 10 miles, which took my total up to 25 miles.


I enjoy going out running, however, Saturday wasn’t much fun. I left the house at 9am with the sun coming up on a clear and crisp morning.


By the time I was a mile into my run, it was as if someone had switched the lights off. The clouds had covered the clear blue sky and by the time I’d completed my next mile I was covered in snow and absolutely freezing. I headed for home where a cup of tea was desperately needed!


Once I’d warmed up I had a test of my Dryathlon willpower in the afternoon as I went to the pub with a friend to watch the football.


He was kind enough to join me for a Diet Coke during our first round but when my round came, I had to order a beer for him.


After 10 days of not drinking, it was tempting to order one for myself, but I resisted and gladly handed him his full pint glass. It turned out to be a good afternoon as both my teams won 2-0 to remain top of their respective leagues.


The weekend ended with yet more exercise, a high intensity game of five-a-side at my local sports hall.


After some ‘Match of the Day’ worthy action which would have had Jose Mourinho on the edge of his seat, a drink was required, so I enjoyed a glass of Sprite Zero. I think I may have found my preferred beer substitute for January!



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