Dan Ditches Drink for Dryathlon – Week 3

I’ve made it to week three of my Dryathlon challenge. As the month has gone in it’s amazing to think about the calories, units and money I’ve saved by not drinking alcohol in January. It really does add up!


Although I have been to the pub with friends to watch the football and have a catch up, I’ve stuck to non-alcoholic beverages which means I have saved some pounds in my wallet and on my waist!
During a night out, I would normally take £50 with me. By not having one this month meant I kept the cash and avoided around 16.5 units of alcohol.


During a visit to the pub on a Saturday afternoon I would usually have around three or four pints when I’m watching the football. This has saved me an extra £15 and 11.4 units.
I would also have normally bought myself a crate of beer at the start of the month to enjoy at weekends and while watching the football in an evening. This month I’ve kept the tenner and passed on the 11.4 units.


By not drinking in January I have so far saved myself around £75, more than 2,600 calories (over a day’s Guideline Daily Amount) and about 39 units of alcohol.
This week I continued my health kick. I ran once and played 5-a-side three times. However, my running has been put on ice, quite literally, as the snow has hit the north-east!


Taking part in the Dryathlon has definitely made me think more about my health. When I’m allowed to drink again in February, I will try and cut out the midweek beer while watching the football as it’ll help my waistline.
The support and interest from my family, friends and work colleagues has been great as they have been asking me how I am getting on as the weeks have gone in.
I feel very positive about taking part in the Dryathlon and it is great to know that by giving up a luxury I’m helping to fund research into curing cancer, a disease that affects so many families around the world.


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