Do you need Breathing Space?

It is Breathing Space Day on 1st February – but what is Breathing Space?



Breathing Space is a free, confidential telephone help line for anyone who is feeling low or experiencing anxiety. Their aim is to give support, and to provide information and advice, to anyone who is in times of difficulty.

On Monday 26 January the RGU Mental Wellbeing society (in junction with RGU:Union) hosted a talk on what Breathing Space is, and what purpose its serves within Scotland. To raise awareness of Breathing Space Day a photo shoot had been arranged with a Breathing Space van and Tony McLaren, the National Coordinator of Breathing Space and NHS Living Life.

Various events were held throughout the day on campus to promote good mental health, including a game of dodgeball, and a walk around campus and Garthdee before the photo shoot – mild to moderate exercise has been proven to give a ‘feel good emotion’ after exercise, boosting mental health.

Breathing Space was launched in 2002 and is supported by NHS24. For more information, please see here. If you’re interested in learning more about the RGU Mental Wellbeing Society, please contact them here. More information on NHS Living Life – a cognitive behavioural therapy telephone service for anyone experiencing low mood or mild to moderate depression – is available here.


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