As most of you may know, Aramark are the University’s catering providers. But I wonder if many of you realise just how committed they are to providing us with healthy lunches and snacks?


Aramark are totally committed to providing their customers – you! – with great food that is good for you. In recognition of this fact, their outlets within the University have been awarded the ‘Healthy Living Award’ . This means that they are making the food they serve healthier – not just by what they serve, but how they prepare it. Also, Aramark support and encourage healthy eating through promotion and marketing of their meals. Low fat options are always available, and at least 50% of the menu has been prepared using healthier ingrediants and cooking methods.


Fraser Adam of Aramark has given us the following examples of Aramark’s good practice:

  • We use rapeseed oil for all frying: a much healthier oil option
  • We trim all our meats of excess fat prior to cooking
  • We only use low fat mayonnaise
  • We never use bouillion and salt together when cooking
  • We oven bake all our sausages and bacon
  • We have salad bar options available across the campus
  • We always have fresh fruit, low fat yoghurts and healthier snacks available
  • We always have baked potatoes or salad instead of chips
  • We add fresh vegetables to our dishes when cooking
  • We have a limited time between food preparation and cooking and ensure the cooking process is as short as possible to avoid the leeching of vitamins
  • We have healthier options available daily so that you can make healthier food choices

Aramark were involved in the ‘Heaven or Hell’ cookery demonstration at the Fit for the Future Fayre (see article here) last year. They worked in conjunction with chefs from North East Scotland college, showcasing a healthy (heaven) and unhealthy (hell) way of preparing and cooking the same dish. It was great to show the public that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and dull – you can eat the same dishes you normally do, but just prepare them in a slightly different fashion, to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

RGu Fit for the Future Fayre_107-(ZF-0437-22839-1-037)


Aramark also run different themes each month. These can be found here – look out for them!


If you have any questions about Aramark and their work, or even any suggestions of things you’d like to see them offer in the future, please leave your comment below, or email me


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