National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month – appropriately for Valentine’s Day! – kicked off with the Wear it Red Day on 6th February (see blog post). To help raise awareness of the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, and how we can combat it, we’ll be running more blog posts around heart health and being smart to heart disease.


Making sure you eat your 5 a day will help keep your heart healthy

Have a look at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) website for lots of useful information on keeping your heart healthy, and fundraising ideas. Maybe you could try the Ten Minutes to Change your Life challenge – these are small, easy changes but they could have a huge impact on your overall health, and really help in keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the UK, and there are a myriad of diseases that constitue heart and vascular disease. Eating a healthy, sensible, balanced diet, and taking regular exercise, will go a long way to preventing the onset of heart disease, and has the bonus of making you feel good about yourself.

So look forward to more heart-related posts! If you have anything to add, we’d love to hear from you – email me to let me know if you’re taking part in any events, or if this has inspired you to address your own heart health


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