‘Ride the North’ – Update

In one of our very first blog posts (here) we met Colin Jones, Web & Applications Team Lead at RGU, and heard about how he started cycling to work last year with a long term goal of entering ‘Ride the North’.



I caught up with Colin recently to see how he was getting on with his goal, and how he was coping with cycling in the Scottish winter!

Unfortunately for Colin, the Ride the North event was full within a few hours of registration opening! However, he is now aiming for the Great Inverurie Bike Ride in June, a 25 mile bike ride that also includes a 13 mile loop aimed at families and younger children.


Colin has been cycling to work every day, whatever the weather. In order to stay safe when its icy or snowy, he has winter tyres fitted which have treads more suited to snowy conditions, and can fit studs to his tyres that mean cycling on an ice rink would be possible! As its dark both before and after work, Colin has lights both front and rear, and wears lots of reflective and fluorescent clothing – even under street lights it can be difficult to see cyclists, and you can never be too brightly dressed!


It would be great to hear if anyone else is planning on taking part in the Great Inverurie Bike Ride – or any other sporting activity? If you are, feel free to contact me using the button below or by email


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