Lighter Lunchbreaks!

This year, the Fit for the Future group are launching the Lunch break Challenge. We are really interested to hear what staff currently get up to at lunchtime, and what you would like to see offered to give you an alternative to that sandwich at your desk!


In last week’s Bulletin, we asked you if you currently get up to anything at lunchtime. Fiona Murray from Study Skills kindly got in touch – her and a number of girls from her department make an effort to go out each lunchtime for a half an hour walk, either around campus or down to the local shops.


Fiona herself has completed two moonwalks, and also walks, plays golf and cycles in her free time. Fiona said “It is definitely beneficial getting fresh air and exercise and sets up to be more productive for the rest of the day. Our part of the office lacks natural light so getting out to the natural light for a short time does feel energising.  It is also a great opportunity to socialise with colleagues out of the work environment”.

I have been trying to walk around campus at least 2/3 times a week, now that the weather is slightly better. I come back to my desk each time feeling newly energised and ready to tackle the afternoon. This ties in well with our expert article a couple of weeks ago, discussing how our environment affects our mental wellbeing.

For those of you that like to go out and walk at lunchtime, do you know about the Medal Route Walks? These are walks around campus at three different levels – bronze (15 minutes), silver (30 minutes) and gold (1 hour). Routes can be found here: Campus Walks

If anyone participates in other lunchtime activities, or if there is something you would like to see offered, please email me. We are really keen to push our Lunch break Challenge this year, so you tell us – we’ll act on it!




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