No Smoking Day – 11th March

Today (Wednesday 1th March) marks the annual No Smoking Day, with the aim to support people who are trying to quit smoking, and to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking.


Smoking is estimated to kill 300 people per day in the UK. Not only is it seriously damaging to the smoker’s  health, but passive smoking is also a huge concern.

Smoking is a costly exercise – not just financially, but it greatly increases your chance of health risks:

  • narrowed arteries – increased risk of stroke and heart attack, and can lead to gangrene in the outer limbs and peripheral vascular disease
  • damage to lungs – can cause pleurisy, pneumonia, emphysema, and cancer, to name a few
  • osteoporosis
  • lowered fertility
  • stomach ulcers and cancer

No Smoking Day is a great stepping stone for those that want to quit, but don’t feel that they have the willpower. There are lots and lots of different methods of help available, both practical and emotional. The Can Stop Smoking site gives lots of different options for quitting smoking.


RGU are committed to providing a healthy environment for staff and students. As part of this, smoking shelters will be erected this year so that those that wish to smoke can do so a safe distance away from buildings. The Fit for the Future group hopes to provide smoking cessation sessions later in the year.


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