Weaving Workshop – Free lunchtime activity!

fit for the future poster geraldine weaving workshop



As part of the RGU Fit for the Future initiative, Grays School of Art Honours student Geraldine McGeechan will be holding a lunchtime workshop on the 27th April where staff will be invited to explore your wellbeing through creativity and craft. For more information on the drive behind this workshop, see blog post here.


The workshop will focus on the connection between touch and wellbeing. Studies have shown using texture and colour in the process of craft activities to be a feel good factor and weaving promotes stress relieving properties.

Using recycled materials, such as wool and fabric, every participant will receive a weaving kit to create your very own woven tapestry to hang on your wall or give as a gift. The kit is yours to take home and continue to create once you have learned how.

Materials, tools, and guidance will be provided, and no experience is required.


This is a great opportunity to take part in this FREE pilot activity. We hope that if it is successful, similar workshops will be held over the summer, giving staff the opportunity to use their lunchtime in a creative fashion.


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