The Power of Plants – 18 May

On 18 May RGU will host a day devoted to the Power of Plants.


The day will focus on the power of plants using a range of hands on activities including extracting DNA from strawberries, investigating the antioxidant properties of plants such as blueberries, through to the antimicrobial effects of herbs.

A taster of some of the activities on offer include:

  • The Power of Plants stand which will offer an opportunity to engage with real and current medical research, as well as discovering more about the plant products we come across every day without realising it.
  • The ‘What’s that Smell?’ stand, will investigate aromatic compounds, spices, and the properties, history and origins of some of our most common culinary herbs and spices placing their origins onto a global map.
  • The myth busters stand will explore, among other things, how much sugar is found in juices, drinks and snacks placing this in context with natural sweeteners such as stevia.

The day will take place from 10am until 4pm, in the front amphitheatre and concourse of the Riverside East building. Everyone is welcome so spread the word!

More information can be found here


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