Martial Arts

Looking for a different way to not only keep fit, but to improve your body and mind? Dan Warrender has been in touch to tell us about a Kung Fu School that he is part of.


“For the past 6 years I have been a member of Yees Hung-Ga Kung-Fu School in Aberdeen.  Hung-Ga, known for its devastating and powerful close-range techniques, and its utilization of the 5 animals and 5 elements of traditional Shaolin philosophy, is an authentic Chinese martial art and complete martial system which includes Qi-gong Meditation and body conditioning.  Hung-ga can be traced to the Shaolin Temple in Southern China.


To say that Hung-Ga had been life changing for me would not be an overstatement.  The training isn’t easy, but it offers mental and spiritual growth on top of the benefits to strength, stamina and general fitness.  The school is located in central Aberdeen, and runs 5 times a week with student discount available.  Introductory classes are FREE, and run Tuesdays 6.30 – 7.30.  Anyone interested would be encouraged to contact Sifu Bruce Clark on Tel: UK 07866475679 or email.


For more information please visit the website.


I am also happy to discuss this with anyone, please feel free to email me


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