Another Success – Darkness into Light Walk

The Darkness into Light walk is an international event set up by Pieta House to create awareness about suicide, depression and self harm (see preview post here). They use this as an opportunity not only for fundraising but for loved ones to remember those they have lost or suffered from self harm. This Event first began in Ireland but has spread across the world to nearly 80 places such as Sydney, London, Dublin and Boston. Over 100,000 people worldwide took part in the event, there was 12,000 in Dublin and 8,000 in Limerick.


Sports & Physical Activity President Vinny O Donovan, Event Organiser Kate Findlay, and Alasdair Garden

This was the first year a walk had been held in Scotland. Aberdeen and Glasgow were honoured to share this, with the Aberdeen walk being hosted by RGU. Over 90 people attended, with over £4000 being raised.

The night was an emotional event, but it was great to be involved and to see people sharing stories. Kathleen Findlay led the march, which ran very smoothly. Kathleen is now keen to start her own Pieta House in Aberdeen so she can help those in the Aberdeen community suffering.

 Many thanks to the staff at RGU, RGU SPORT and Aramark for their help and efforts to make the event successful.


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