Craft Workshop Review – A Great Success!

You may remember that Honours Student Geraldine McGeechan ran some craft workshops back in April/May time (here). I caught up with her recently to see how they went.




Geraldine reported that the workshops were a huge success. All the available spaces were taken quickly due to the amount of interest. She also noted that the appeal spread far over different age ranges and people from lots of different departments took part. Those who attended commented how good it was to have an activity on at lunch time to allow them to have a proper lunch break. This is exactly what Fit for the Future are aiming to provide with our Lunch Break Challenge, so its great to know it went down well! If demand is there, we could also put on an evening activity.

The clay and the weaving workshops proved particularly popular. Due to this, we wondered if there might be the potential for setting up a Craft group within RGU – if this is something that would interest you, please drop me a line so that we can gauge the interest in such an idea. We would really like to run these workshops again over the summer, so if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see or do, please let me know. You say – we do!

Below are more photos from the workshops. We cannot thank Geraldine enough for all the work she put in to make these a success!


20150323_190105 20150323_194326 20150323_194747 20150427_125331 20150427_125642 20150427_133239


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