Update on the Campus Walks

The last Campus Walk, kindly led by Ian Webster & Judith Logan, was on Friday 10 July. Despite it being an overcast day 8 people still took part in the walk.



It is hoped that another will be planned for August time, again led by Judith and Ian. What we at Fit for the Future would really like to see are walks being led  from each building – in order for this to happen, we need another couple of volunteers to lead the walks. There is nothing formal involved, just somebody who is willing to take others out on a walk around our beautiful campus! Fridays have worked for the CSB walks but there is no reason why they cannot go on another day. Judith and Ian would be happy to be consulted if anyone is interested but had question about it.

Not only is walking a great way to keep healthy, but it acts as a stress buster – even a short break away from your desk at lunch time can leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon. I find if I get away from my desk I am much more productive afterwards – my head is clear and it helps break up the day. A lot of us are guilty of grabbing a quick bite to eat in front of our computer screens – let’s try and break that habit.

If you are interested in this, or have any other questions, please contact me.


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