RGU GoGreen – Can You Help?

RGU’s Go Green team are looking for volunteers!

Go Green

The team are running a Cycle Hire scheme, and are hoping that some enthusiastic staff or students can help out by volunteering. Volunteers will support the maintenance and distribution of the bikes – no previous experience necessary, all training will be provided free or charge. They are also keen to have people on board who might like to help organise some cycle trips, especially given the success of the National Cycle Challenge earlier in the summer!

Also, the Veg Bag project will shortly be re-starting and Go Green would love to have some help with this initiative. Volunteers can expect to needed for no more than a few hours every couple of weeks. Opportunities include:

  • Placing Orders
  • Distribution
  • Drivers (Collecting the veg from farmer – RGU van can be provided)
  • Unloading the van
  • Veg bag packing
  • Delivering the veg
  • Your own ideas!

If you’re interested in helping out with either scheme, please contact Go Green, either by Email Go Green or by telephone on 01224 262268. For more information you can check out the Go Green Website.

You can get more information on all the upcoming events organised by Go Green here: Go Green leaflet. Lots of exciting looking things are in the pipeline!





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