Scottish Mental Health First Aid

Donny McCormick, Coordinator at ResLife (see blog post here) is organising training for Scottish Mental Health First Aid.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was first developed in Australia by Betty Kitchener and her husband Professor Anthony Jorm. Like most brilliant ideas it came about in a very ordinary way. Betty and Tony were walking their dog one day when they realised that there was no mental health equivalent of physical first aid. This germ of an idea led to an internationally recognised programme of simple steps that can be used to help a person in distress.

In 2003 Betty Kitchener brought the course over to Scotland and trained a number of instructors who then piloted the course throughout Scotland.

Such was the enthusiastic response to the Australian course that the formerly named Scottish Executive funded the development of a Scottish course based on MHFA principles.

Currently there are over 300 SMHFA instructors in Scotland and more than 40,000 people have attended the training.

Training takes place over 4 afternoons and is free for staff members of RGU. At the end of the course all participants will receive a certificate. Dates are:

Tuesday 20th October – 1pm – 4pm

Wednesday 21st October – 1pm – 4pm

Tuesday 27th October – 1pm – 4pm

Wednesday 28th October – 1pm – 4pm

If you are interested, or want to find out more information, please contact Donny McCormick


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