SHARE Project

The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) aims to develop a Scottish register of people aged 16 or over, living in Scotland who have expressed a willingness to participate in medical research. SHARE is a partnership between NHS Scotland, The Scottish Government, and the Universities of Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh & Aberdeen. research is an essential part of the process of developing new treatments and cures for conditions including heart disease, diabetes & Cancer. the aim of SHARE is to make it easier to carry out medical research in Scotland.

medical research can be anything from just filling in a questionnaire about your diet & exercise regime, to a clinical investigation for an illness you may have. alternatively, if you have no significance health problems you may be invited to take part in research which requires healthy people. SHARE will let you know about studies which may be relevant to you. if you are interested and want to know more, then we let the researchers know. however, if after reading about it you don’t want to take part then there is no obligation to do so.

in addit6ion to your registering on the database, there is another even simpler request. Many of us have regular blood tests done by our GP or at the hospital. when such a sample is analysed, the blood that remains in the tube is thrown away. in fact, around 70000 left over blood samples are discarded daily in Scotland. this leftover blood can be used for anonymised genetic research, and that is why your permission is requested to use these samples in future.

More information can be found at Register for Share



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