RGU Tutus and the CLAN Landmark Walk

Hamish Walker, (Faculty Project Officer, Design and Technology), Jackie McPhail (Administrative Assistant, Estates & Property Services), Fiona Kennedy( Careers Consultant, Careers and Employability Centre) participated in the CLAN Landmark walk on Sunday 27th September.

RGU Tutus 1

Ready for the off!

CLAN is a local cancer charity who offer a diverse range of services to anyone who is affected by Cancer. This is a condition that sadly affects many people; CLAN supports not only the individual coming to terms with the condition but also family and friends.

Hamish said “Since the diagnoses of two members of his family with prostate cancer the support that the family have received from CLAN has been excellent and he wanted to give something back”.

Last year he was a Marshall on the walk, guiding, encouraging and motivating the walkers along the route but this year a couple of friends – Jackie and Fiona – asked him to join them on the walk, and the RGU Tutus were formed. The sponsored walk started at the Westburn Park (near the CLAN site) and took in key landmarks across the city: His Majesty’s Theatre, Union Terrace Gardens, Duthie Park, Tivoli Theatre, Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Beach, Seaton Park.

Fiona said “There was a great atmosphere at the start line at Westburn Park with people of all ages and ability raising money for CLAN”. Whilst making their way through the city the Tutus caused quite a stir and got lots of support from the public, police and the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, George Adam.

RGU Tutus 2

Meeting the Lord Provost

CLAN can only exist with the sponsorship and fundraising conducted by volunteers. This year the RGU Tutus raised over £700. If you would like to add to this impressive total, please visit the RGU Tutus Just Giving page to sponsor them.

RGU Tutus 3


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