Launch of Movember – and Move-ember

 Monday 2nd November will see the launch of Movember at RGU.


Marty McGouran, chair of RGU:RAG, has done a fantastic job in coordinating the event this year. The launch will take place in the back atrium of the Sir Ian Wood building, with light bites, and a presence from many societies – RGU Sport, Student Accommodation and RESlife, Aramark, and Fit for the Future. Aramark are preparing a booklet that will be available at the event and will be promoting their Healthy Life brand.

Marty also hopes to have a company that will be offering free shaves, to get you started!

Throughout the month you will be able to follow the event’s progress via Facebook and Twitter – the RGU student presidents will be updating the pages regularly with progress reports, a bit about why they’re taking part, and information about related events taking place throughout the university.

If you can’t grow a moustache, but you still want to be involved, why not sign up to take part in Move-ember. All you need to do is commit to ‘moving’ – just participating in some form of physical activity – for the 30 days. Sign up on the RGU Team page.



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