A Movember Testimonial

Ian Webster, Accommodation & Catering Manager, and Healthy University Committee member, is taking part in Movember for the second time this year. He has told us his story:

Ian Movember 15

Hi, my name is Ian Webster, I’m the Accommodation & Catering Manager at RGU. This is my 2nd year of doing Movember.  The 1st year I did, we didn’t have an RGU team and I really pleased that this year we have one with 67 members all actively trying to raise money for the campaign!  I think this is mainly due to the enthusiasm and drive of Marty McGouran, the RGU: RAG chair, and I am very grateful for his support!

My passion is men’s mental health and about getting men to speak more about their feelings. Too many men bottle things up and don’t speak to anyone about how they feel.  I was particularly moved by an email I got in September from the Movember movement about the World Suicide Prevention day and the suicide note that was printed in there (see attached). If we can prevent one man from committing suicide by getting them to talk then we will have achieved a lot.  I know that some of the money we raise will go towards this.

I also think that in our everyday lives we need more men to talk about how they feel for their own mental well being and we can encourage other men to do this and feel comfortable doing this by creating an environment in which they feel they can talk about their feelings.

I like the Movember campaign as it is very visual and people ask what you are doing when they see your moustache and you can explain the campaign to them, especially as the month goes on. I am doing a scary trucker moustache this year (see attached) I am going to grow a beard into December and keep the Mo – member going!

Ian Webster

Link to my Movember campaign:



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