Earth Sounds Performance – Live Art Installation

Michelle Anderson, Theme Lead for the Fit for the Future Fringe Events, has let us know about a live art installation that will be featuring in the Sir Ian Wood Building next week:


EARTH SOUNDS for dancer and amplified soil.

A new performance by Imogene Newland, with sound by Ross Whyte

Earth Sounds is a performance inspired by the interactions between the physical body and the land. Drawing influence from the conceptual work of the performance artist Anna Mendieta, Earth Sounds explores this co-evolution of life and environment through a series of bodily interactions with soil. The performance employs geophones, a special kind of microphone ordinarily used to detect earthquakes, to pick up low frequency reverberation of the Sir Ian Wood building, cityscape and local natural habitat on campus.

See this live art installation in lower atrium, The Sir Ian Wood Building between 1 -5 February 2016 with a free public performance at 7.30pm on 5th February. Staff and Students are more than welcome to watch the development of the work during the week, and to attend the performance on Friday evening.

You can find out more information here



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