Fit for the Future Profile – Ian Webster

As mentioned in a previous post, over the coming months I’ll be doing a profile on various members of the Fit for the Future Group. This week, Ian Webster has nominated himself as the first one!

Ian Webster Profile Jan 2016

Name: Ian Webster

Job within the University: Accommodation & Catering Manager

Role within the Fit for the Future Group: Initially I joined in relation to my role in overseeing catering and healthy food provision.  I have expanded the role over the last 12 months partly due to a personal interest in some aspects especially men’s mental health.  I currently sit in Steve’s sub group and have been trained in 1st Aid Mental Health.  I am also heading up a small group looking at Men’s Sheds

Specific interest in relation to health and wellbeing: I like to champion the link between physical activity and mental well being especially since I started cycling to work. I also have a passion for mental health particularly  in men who I think are often poor in expressing their feelings to others.  I also was heavily involved in university’s Movember campaign individually raising over £700, with the university wide campaign raising £5000.  My mission statement was about raising awareness about men mental health!

How do you see where the University currently is with regards to being a ‘Healthy University’?: Fairly good, but I still think there is a lot apathy amongst staff and students!

What do you think we’re doing well?: Good engagement with staff and raising awareness regarding the issues in the group

What do you think we can do better?: More engagement with students and perhaps more representation of them on committee.

Ian is a particularly enthusiastic member of the committee and brings drive and enthusiasm for the Group through his obvious passion for Fit for the Future. If you’d like to approach Ian about any aspect of health and wellbeing, I’m sure he’d be delighted to speak to you!

We will be bringing you more news on the Men’s Shed initiative soon – watch this space…


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