Do you want to quit smoking?

Have you been thinking about quitting smoking and never got round to it? A new years resolution that’s fallen by the wayside, or simply want to start the year on a health note?

 smoking cessation poster

Fit for the Future have arranged for NHS Grampian to run Smoking Cessation Clinics on campus from March to April this year.

The Smoking Advisors will be on campus for two weeks, starting 17 February, to chat to interested parties about what the clinics involve, what help you can get and why its so important to quit and keep quitting.

The clinics will then start from Wednesday 2nd March, and will run weekly for 6 weeks. You have the choice of attending a Group session (12 noon – 1pm, N243, SIWB) or you can book to speak to an advisor on a 1:1 basis (time slots available between 1pm and 2pm, N247, SIWB).

Fit for the Future is really excited to be able to facilitate this opportunity, which is open to staff and students. We hope that this will help a lot of people who have maybe thought about quitting but have never got round to doing anything about it, or feel they need extra help to do so.

You can visit the Smoking Advisors at their stands as follows:

17 February – 11am – 1pm – Sir Ian Wood Building

23 February – 11am – 1pm – Aberdeen Business School

25 February – 11am – 1pm – Faculty of Health and Social Care

26 February – 11am – 1pm – Central Services Building

29 February – 11am – 1pm – University Street


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