Fit for the Future Profile – Donny McCormick

Please meet Donny McCormick, a new member of the Fit for the Future Group.


Name: Donny McCormick

Job within the University: ResLife Co-ordinator

Role within the Fit for the Future Group: I sit on the Mental Health Theme sub group

Specific interest in relation to health and wellbeing: I hold a particular interest in mental health as I am a Scottish Mental Health First Aid Instructor

How do you see where the University currently is with regards to being a ‘Healthy University’?: I believe the University is doing well in this respect and recognises that there is plenty of room to expand its efforts in becoming a “healthy University”.

What do you think we’re doing well?: Staff engagement has been impressive as the Fit for the Future group has representatives from multiple schools and departments within the University.

What do you think we can do better?: Visibility. Through increased visibility, more staff and students can be made aware of the efforts of the group as well as where they can be part of it.



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