Fit for the Future Profile – Kay Cooper

Meet Dr Kay Cooper, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and a relatively new member of the Fit for the Future Group.


Name: Kay Cooper

Job within the University: Senior Lecturer (Reader) Physiotherapy; Research Co-ordinator School of Health Sciences

Role within the Fit for the Future Group: Physical Activity subgroup and evaluation of Fit for the Future activities in general

Specific interest in relation to health and wellbeing: Getting/keeping people physically active; the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing and what the university can do to have a positive influence on both

How do you see where the University currently is with regards to being a ‘Healthy University’? I think RGU has made a good start with a range of initiatives such as physical activity, mental health awareness and healthy eating. It is also good that RGU has taken a whole university approach and is considering staff, as well as student wellbeing

What do you think we’re doing well? Considering a range of health-related aspects and not just focussing on one or two areas – of course this makes it challenging too!

What do you think we can do better? We need to engage with more students and staff across the University. We also need to act on some more of the excellent feedback and ideas we received in both the student and staff physical activity & wellbeing surveys – that should keep us busy!



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