Modern Munro Challenge

Last week saw the re-launch of the Modern Munro Challenge

RGu Fit for the Future Fayre_280-(ZF-0437-22839-1-101)

Climbers at the original launch of the Modern Munro Challenge, September 2014


Originally launched in September 2014, the idea behind the Modern Munro Challenge is to encourage individuals to take part in more physical activity. Stair climbing is ideal, especially in our inclement climate – you stay dry, and help stay healthier too! It is also officially classed as vigorous exercise.

Stair climbing is also easy to fit into your daily routine, as all you need to do is take the stairs instead of the lift. Simple!

As added motivation, we have calculated the number of ascents (full climbs up the building) or flights (between floors) for each Faculty building that would be equivalent to climbing a Munro. And in order for you to keep a track of just how well you are doing, we have produced ‘score cards’ that you can use to track your progress.

You can collect your building specific card from Katharine Mieras in the FOHSC Faculty office (H308); you can also pick up a card that covers all three buildings if you feel particularly energetic. Maybe you can have an intra School/Department competition?! There is nothing like friendly competition to help your motivation!

Posters will be going up this week so look out for them around the lift areas and in each building. For any more information you can contact myself, Filippo Antoniazzi, or Martin Parker.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch!


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