Smiles for Miles

The Step Count Challenge 2016 ( started on 18 April, and we have a number of teams taking part on behalf of RGU.

352 256 114 081

Dr Steve Smith is leading one of the teams – Walking for Wellness – made up of mental health nursing lecturers. The rest of the team includes  Inga Heyman, Billy Ridler, Scott Macpherson and Dan Warrender. Steve would like to convey the following message:


“We are undertaking a virtual walk from the old Morrison Hotel on South Hope Street (Los Angeles) to the Grateful Dead House on Ashbury Street (San Francisco), a distance of about 480 miles.  “With some Dead Reckoning we home to make it before The End.”

We are asking people to sponsor us on our road trip and asking you to donate ‘Smiles for Miles’. 

It’s simple; you agree to smile at people (smiling is good for your wellbeing) and possibly even commit random acts of kindness occasionally, and we will keep you up to date with a weekly email of where we are and who we may possibly (or even impossibly) have met.  If you agree to sponsor us, we’ll add your name to an email list (so we’re not emailing everyone in RGU), and if you tell us some of the people/things you’ve smiled at, and some of the acts of kindness you’ve perpetrated, we’ll share that on the list too.  You could even email us a selfie of you smiling.”

So help promote wellness and mental wellbeing and donate Smiles for Miles to the Walking for Wellness team.  Drop Steve an email here and he will add you to the email list.




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