Have you tried a Walking Meeting?

Now that we are well into Spring and the weather is – usually – more inclement, now might be the time to change the way you conduct your regular meetings to take advantage of the benefits of being outdoors.


A colleague of mine recently conducted a meeting outside. She reported that the general mood was lighter, and that they were more productive as a result of this.

A walking meeting – or walking for at least for part of a meeting – has heaps of benefits:

Its great to be outdoors and enjoy the weather whilst the sun shines (as well all know it can be rare in Scotland!)

  • Walking increases metabolic rate – participants are likely to be more energised, and as a result more enthusiastic, energetic and likely to participate more fully.
  • Members of the group are more likely to be able to problem solve
  • Walking together enhances and builds relationships, it also breaks down social barriers
  • A new environment can enhance creativity.

Although it might not be easy to conduct a whole meeting whilst walking – it could cause issues for your minute taker! – it is entirely possible to have the discussion part of the meeting walking, and then conclude when sitting. Obviously, you can still sit outside to do this!

If a walking meeting isn’t for you, why not have your meeting outside anyway to make the most of the sunshine? Or, if you’re restricted to indoors, have a standing meeting. Again, studies have shown that these are far more productive (the participants are probably desperate for a seat!), and even standing will increase your metabolic rate. Its also much better for your back, in general, than sitting all the time.

We are blessed with such a beautiful campus, especially at this time of year – it seems a crime not to enjoy it more!


If you have tried – or want to try – one of these styles of meetings, please do let me know as I’d love to feature some case studies on the Blog. You can either comment below, or email me. Enjoy the sunshine!


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