Indoor Munro Bagging – An Update

You may remember that Clare Parks got in touch with us a year or so ago, to tell us how she had started her own Munro challenge. You can refresh your memories by reading the post here.


At the end of August, Clare got in touch to update me on her progress:

Some time ago there was a post from me about an indoor Munro challenge I started (setting a cross trainer to do a distance climb for all 282 Munro heights). I have now completed this; after just over two years I have:-

  • gone upwards some 287,043m
  • spent 96 hours on the cross trainer (OK, I did a few on the stationary cycle just for a change!)
  • burned 64,916kcal (that’s about 2,967 jelly babies)

What’s it done for me:-

  • decreased my resting heart rate
  • decreased my blood pressure (systolic and diastolic)
  • given me a feel-good factor every time I walked out the gym

What next? Maybe row the Atlantic?! Whatever your bag is, just do it.”

I think you’ll agree that this is really quite an incredible achievement!

Some people find that it can be difficult to stay motivated when going to the gym – as opposed to exercising out of doors – so Clare’s experience is really interesting. Having a specific goal can make the pain of exercising a lot easier and therefore help to maintain motivation.

Has anyone else got any tips or words of wisdom to share? Or any positive experiences as above? If so please do comment below or email me so we can feature your story!



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