Wellness Wednesdays Update

Wellness Wednesdays drew to a close at the end of November. despite our last musician unfortunately having to be cancelled at the last minute to a technical issue, the events seemed to be a success.


During the two month programme, the Fit for the Future group arranged a wide variety of activities – some with greater success than others – and we hope to carry on in a similar vein next year. These activities included:


  • Campus walks – these ran every week, leaving from each building at 12.30pm. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to be all that well supported, and we would be really interested to hear why that is. Whether you would prefer to walk along during your own time, the weather put you off, you weren’t aware of the walks, or they simply weren’t of interest to you – please let us know so that we can address any issues that we can!
  • Quickpose – Grays School of Art very kindly ran a short session of still life sketching. This was widely enjoyed by the participants but if we ran again we would take the comments we had on board, mainly that you would prefer more teaching and guidance during the session. We have also had requests for other art based activities, and subject to funding we hope to be able to offer these in the future.
  • Musician Performances – these have proved hugely popular and it has been great to see so many people attending. We hope to run these again next year, and we will also be looking for RGU students and staff who wish to take on a lunchtime slot, so please let us know if this is something that would interest you!
  • Yoga – sadly this was not that well attended, and as it was a late addition to the timetable it also suffered from lack of advertisement. However we would run sessions again if there was the demand. The same is true of the swimming sessions at RGU Sport.
  • Mindfulness – these sessions were very popular. Dr Steve Smith currently runs regular drop in sessions for staff, but after the new year will be rolling these out for students too. Please watch this space for more information!
  • Smoking Cessation – A smoking cessation advisor from NHS Grampian kindly came in over a lunchtime, but his stall was not well supported. Smoking cessation and fresh air policy are a very important part of the Healthy University message and something that we need to address in a more effective manner.
  • Healthy Eating – Aramark ran a Healthy Eating event in the Health and Social Care building, looking at vegan and vegetarian food, the Healthy 4 Life stand, and a sugar test to expose just how much sugar our favourite foods contain.

I think you’ll agree this is quite a comprehensive list – however we are always keen to find new ways of engaging staff and students, so please let us know what YOU would like to see arranged to tempt you away from your desk at lunchtime!

You can contact us by emailing Katharine Mieras, or alternatively complete this very short survey




Serial Chillers


Campus Walks


Smoking Cessation


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