Team SHS Pedometer Challenge

At the start of December, the School of Health Sciences in conjunction with Fit for the Future started a Pedometer Challenge to run throughout December and January.


All staff in the School – administration and academic – along with Faculty office staff were split up into teams. Each team member wears a pedometer and reports their weekly total to their team captain at the end of each week.


The idea is to encourage participants to aim for the ‘10000 steps’ that is suggested each adult does per day. This is a lot harder than you might think! Already it is obvious that the pedometers are revealing just how active – or otherwise – we all are. The team nature of the Challenge means that there is that little edge of competition that is spurring on everyone to try that little bit harder.


Even parking in a different car park, walking to speak to a colleague rather than emailing, or stepping out for 10 minutes at lunchtime can make a difference to your daily activity.


I will be updating the Blog to keep you abreast of how the Challenge is progressing. It is very easy to run so if you’re interested, why not start a similar Challenge within your own School or Department?


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